Current Series - "Mix and Match"

All of us experience change at different times in our lives.  Sometimes, those changes can happen very quickly, they're unexpected, and they can be difficult.  But, then other times, we can see changes coming from a mile away and we know they are necessary.  But, whether those changes are expected or unexpected, the Bible reminds us that God is in control and He can use those changes to stretch us, convict us, teach us, and move us forward in life.  In this series, we will look at how God uses change and sometimes calls us to "mix things up" so that our lives match His character and truth.

Online Giving

Westwood now offers online giving with!  Online giving is safe and easy.  Click the green button to give to the church with your credit card or bank account.  Or download the free app. After every transaction you will receive a receipt by email. 

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Recurring Event: Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Weight Watchers

We are excited to offer a Weight Watchers meeting for the community. Arrive anytime Tuesday evenings between 5:30pm and 6pm.  The meeting starts at 6pm. Contact Christopher Slater at 260-450-0843 for details